Congratulations to our Junior Club for giving Castle Bowmen 3 more County Champions at the recent Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships held at a club in the west of Cardiff.

Sarah I’, Rachel T’ and Owen C’ all won their respective age categories to take home all the Gold and titles of Glamorgan County Champions.

At the 2017 Welsh Open Championships, hosted this year by Llantarnam Archery Club - the most famous club in Gwent, Castle Bowmen only had a few of it’s superb archers competing but we still did very well.

Rick S’, Mike Wo’ and Sarah I’ had to deal with very tricky wind conditions throughout the entire day, but luckily the rain did hold off for a change.

At the end of a difficult days shooting we ended with some very creditable results considering the conditions.

Rick S’ for the Gent Recurves shot a well deserved SB (Seasons Best Score), Mike Wo’ came a close 2nd for the Gent Barebows to take home the Silver medal, but most praise must go to Sarah I’ for winning her age category on the Metric 2 round to take home the Gold and title of U18 Lady Barebow Welsh Champion for 2017.

Congratulations goes to Candice L’ for becoming the clubs first Junior Master Bowman.

She completed her 3rd official classification score in a very wet and windy tournament in Devon, at Exmouth Archers Premier event.

Despite the terrible conditions she came away with 1st place and Gold in her category and also with the all important final score needed to become Master Bowmen.

Well done to Candice L’ for winning Gold in her category at the Neath Open Tournament, and also breaking a Glamorgan record.


The 4th Annual Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics  Tournament was a great success, gaining praise from judges and archers alike. In no small part adding to the day was the excellent sunny weather throughout the whole event and the ultra-efficiency of the Castle Bowmen working party in the running and organising of the day.

The May Metrics tournament is the only one in Wales held annually which is exclusively for Junior archers to shoot a 12 dozen round. This year nearly 2 dozen of Wales’ finest young archers, from nearly 3 counties, travelled to Cardiff to compete.

Castle Bowmen Juniors were out in force and performed flawlessly.

Ryan P’, Luke Y’, Sarah I’, Geoffrey C and Candice L’ ALL shot Seasons and Personal Best’s and all took 1st place in their respective categories and ALL broke the club records for their rounds too.

Candice, shooting in her first tournament also claimed a new Glamorgan County record.  As did Geoffrey, also shooting in his first tournament, claimed not only the county record but also broke the existing Welsh record.

Well done to all.

Congratulations to our Juniors who shot in the Glamorgan County Indoor Championships.

Sarah I’, Ryan P’ and Geoffrey C’ all shot extremely well and all won their individual categories, all taking home Gold medals and Glamorgan County Champion titles.  >> Click here to see the Champions <<


Congratulations to Sarah I’ for winning Gold at the Junior Welsh Indoor Championships in West Wales, her 2nd Welsh Champion title of the year after winning at the Outdoor Welsh Championships back in the Summer.

Congratulations to Sarah I’ and Eirian T for winning medals at the BBQ shoot hosted by Cambria Bowmen .

They both also claimed Glamorgan County Records too for their excellent shooting in very difficult wet and windy conditions.

In a busy Month Sarah I’ shot at the Welsh Championships, winning Gold and becoming Welsh Champion U16 Lady Barebow. She then qualified to shoot in the County team for the WAA Inter county tournament, which she helped Glamorgan WIN !!. She also picked up an individual medal for helping the Junior Barebows win their category. A picture of which can be seen  >> HERE<<


The Glamorgan County Championships were hosted by Cambria Bowmen this year and

Sarah I’, shooting the Bristol 3 round, won Gold and is now the Glamorgan U16 Lady Barebow

JULY Summer League Postal Shoot Teams  

Junior team …

Castle Bowmen Juniors  (Sarah I’, Ryan P’ & Jack E’) vs Winchester (Hampshire) A WIN FOR CASTLE JUNIORS !!

Congratulations to Sarah I’ as she gains her Junior Bowman Classification for Barebow and also for winning Gold and shooting a new Glamorgan County Record at the Castle Bowmen Doug Woodley Summer tournament.

Confirmed wins for the  Junior teams in last months Summer postal league (see the main May news for details)

The Sun shone (most of the time) on the  “impeccable*”  2016 Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics Tournament.

For the 4th year running we ran the Only Annual 12 dozen round in Wales exclusively for Juniors, with all having a good day shooting and many County and Welsh records being broken.

Many of Castle Bowmen Juniors shot in the tournament and did well. Ryan P’ taking Silver for the Gent Recurves on the Metric 1 round. Sarah I’ and Owen C’ both  took Gold in their respective category's on the Metric 3 round, and Rachel T also won Gold on the Metric 4 round.

*”Another impeccable shoot from Castle. Well done all” - Tim Pryse ( Welsh Archery Association Chairman and Archery GB Judge)

Well done to Junior Club members Daffydd P’ for getting 2nd place for u18 barebow in the ArcheryGB Summer Metrics UK wide Postal Tournament, and Owen W’ for coming 3rd in the u14 Barebow category too.

Congratulations to Junior club members who have completed their Feather awards.

Gold Feather badges will be presented to Freya J’ and Lucy G.

Red Feather badges will be presented to Rhinnon E’, Henry G’, Freya J and Lucy G’.

Castle Bowmen Juniors have won all 3 of their Postal league matches so far  - Well done to them - keep up the good work .


Castle Bowmen Juniors win their postal league match against Bowmen of Burleigh Juniors in the November round.

Very well done to Sarah I’ for winning Gold in her age category at the Blandy Jenkins Junior Portsmouth tournament

Castle Bowmen held it’s annual ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics  Tournament in lovely warm weather this month.

This is the only annual 12 dozen Junior Only round held in Wales and was very well attended as always.

A few Welsh and County records were broken and all the Junior competitors seemed to enjoy the whole day.

Well done to all the Castle Bowmen Juniors who competed and congratulations to Dafydd P’, Ryan P’, Aiden C’, Owen C’, Jack E’, Emma M’ and Katie M’ for all winning medals.


Castle Bowmen's awesome Juniors have done it again at the Glamorgan Junior County Championships.

We retain our Club of Champions status with Ryan P’ successfully defending his  County U16 Recurve Champion title.

Also, Aiden C’ is added to our Champions page after becoming the new County U12 Barebow Champion after taking Gold in his Category and Owen C’ also shooting excellently takes home a Silver in the same category.

See the pic on the media page  or on the Junior site Photo Section.

Warm Weather, Excellent Food, Lots of Medals - A perfect end to the season for Castle Bowmen archers attending the Cambria Bowmen BBQ shoot en-masse for a fun competition to round off the summer …

Our Juniors shot excellently  in their individual category's with Ryan getting Gold and a trophy  - Sam Picked up a Silver Medal ,  Emma won Gold and Claimed a Welsh Record for the Junior Windsor round, Katie Won a Silver medal and also claimed a Welsh Record for the Short Junior Windsor round  and won a spot prize of a bag of chocolates for shooting the flag …twice.

Congratulations to Ryan for being chosen to represent Glamorgan’s Junior team in the Welsh Archery Association’s Annual Inter-County Tournament   - The Whole team shot very well and Glamorgan won the tournament for the 2nd year in a row.

The Annual Castle Bowmen FITA 900 ’Doug Woodley’ Tournament was shot in near perfect warm conditions, without the forecast rain, which is always a good thing.

  “ Castle Bowmen Juniors did very well in the tournament  with Ryan, Heather and Jack St’, shooting with the seniors, all collecting Golds in their respective age category's and ALL setting new Glamorgan County Records.

Jack E’, Sam, Owen Wi’ and Ethan Ha’, shooting the Junior FITA 900 round all came away with medals too.

Castle Bowmen Juniors claim Welsh and County Records at the ‘Val Goodman Junior May Metrics’ Tournament

"The May Metrics for 2014 were shot in glorious hot sunshine.

More Juniors than ever before entering, with many Welsh and Glamorgan records being claimed.

Castle Bowmen Junior archers did well with Heather, Owen, Tomas, Aiden, Jack E’, Nia ,Rhianna, Emma and Katie all taking medals.

Owen, Aiden, Rhianna and Emma also Claiming County and/or Welsh records for their age groups. “

Well done to Heather for competing in the Glamorgan Senior Indoor Championships 2014 against the adults.

Well done to Owen from Castle Bowmen Juniors for wining the first Novice medal from the club's annual Handicap shoot.


Review of the Junior year - 2013 -

Ryan is the Glamorgan U14 Indoor AND Outdoor Junior Gent Recurve Champion, Nia is Glamorgan Indoor Junior Lady U14 Recurve Champion, with her sister Rhianna Glamorgan Indoor U14 Junior Lady Barebow Champion with Harry being Junior Gent U18 Barebow indoor champ.

County Records have also been claimed.

Heather now holds the Junior Lady U16 Barebow Glamorgan record and Ryan holds the Glamorgan record for Jnr Gent U14 Recurve at Metric III round.

Ryan, Beth and Heather were all part of the Glamorgan Inter-County team this year , with Beth picking up an individual medal in the Barebow category.

Rhianna was part of the winning team in the club’s annual and unique in wales team h2h tournament.


November 2013 - Well done to Heather for wining a Gold medal at the Gwent Indoor Championships.

November 2013 - Congratulations Heather,Jonathan & Ryan for all winning medals at the Castle Bowmen UK record Status FITA 18m tournament - Good shooting from all.

October 2013 - Good news from the Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships hosted by Llandaff City Bowmen

"Castle Bowmen have lots of new Junior Glamorgan Champions within its midst now after the County Indoor Championships.

Every one of the Castle Bowmen Juniors who entered won the Gold in their respective categories, and some with Trophies !!

Harry is now Glamorgan Indoor Junior Gent U18 Barebow Champion, Ryan is Glamorgan Indoor Junior Gent U16 Recurve Champion.

Sisters Nia and Rhianna are both Glamorgan Indoor Junior Lady U14 Champions, Nia in Recurve, Rhianna in Barebow.

Excellent shooting from all."

Well done to all Castle Bowmen Juniors that competed in the Archery GB National's Round Postal event - This is open to every Junior Archer in the UK.

Here are the positions they came within their own respective categories.

2nd Isaac

2nd Bethan

9th Ethan

9th Owen

11th Scott

19th Alex

37th Tomos

54th Ryan

September 2013 - Congratulations to Beth, Heather and Ryan for Competing in the Glamorgan team for the Welsh Archery Association Inter-Counties Tournament

Glamorgan Won the Tournament as a whole and Beth Won an individual medal as the Junior Barebow team also won their individual category.

July 2013 - Castle Bowmen carry's on it's proud tradition of being the Club of Champions.

In the VERY hot conditions at the Glamorgan County Championships.

Ryan shoots a PB score to become the Junior Gent Recurve U14 Glamorgan County Champion taking Gold in the Bristol 3 round..

June 2013 - Congratulations to Heather, Beth, Alex E, Keanu and Ryan for All winning Gold Medals in their respective categories

at the Castle Bowmen FITA 900 'Doug Woodley' Tournament . Extra congratulations to Ryan for also gaining his 1st Class classification on the day.

May 2013 - The Club's first Junior Metrics tournament 'The Val Goodman Open' was shot in the glorious sunshine.

All the Juniors shooting had a good time and Many Welsh and County records were claimed along with lots of PB's.

Ryan, Heather & Bethan all shot well and all claimed a Gold Medal in all of their age categories.

February 2013 -Castle Bowmen Juniors were on top form again at Cambria Bowmens Winter Soup Shoot Tournament -
Heather Winning a Gold and Ryan Winning Silver in their respective categories - beating many seniors scores along the way .

November 2012 - Congratulations to Ryan for competing and coming 3rd in the Welsh Junior Indoor Championships - 3rd in Wales is an excellent acheivement.

October 2012 ~ Congratulations to the Castle Bowmen Juniors who competed at the Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships held in Cardiff

- Charlotte, Tom and Ryan all won Golds in their categories - well done.

-September 2012 ~ A Castle Bowmen Team travelled to Criegau in search of Treasure - and found loadsssssss

The world famous, and delicious, annual BBQ shoot held by Cambria Bowmen was a wet affair but the intrepid Castle Bowmen battled through.

Biggest congratulations must go to the Castle Bowmen Juniors for Completing AND WINNING in very difficult conditions.

Ryan and Heather both took Gold in their categorys on the Short Junior Windsor Round.

Jonathan and Alex also both took Gold for their age groups on the Albion round.

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