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Team H2H shoot


The 6th Annual Castle bowmen Team H2H Tournament this year was a great success. More members than ever before shot this unique event in the archery calendar.  One of the few shoots where absolutely anyone of any ability can compete and have an equal chance of winning as anyone else.

The 30 archers gathered on a fairly pleasant day, despite reports of upcoming hurricanes, and shot magnificently through the series of stages of the Tournament.

Team Badges were worn with pride by all the competitors as they worked with and enthusiastically encouraged their fellow team members to collectively shoot the best they possibly can.

With First place AND Last place team trophies up for grabs the archers had great incentives to shoot to the highest possible standard they could manage.

At the end of the day the First place winners, Caz P’, Rory S’ & Ian M’ took home their trophies and the giant Castle Bowmen winners medal.  Runners up medals went to Rick S’, Luke Y’ & Mike Wi’ and 3rd place team medals went to Steve C’, Paul Y’ & Neil G’.

Arguably the most prestigious Wooden Spoon Team trophys  went to the Last place team which this year was Kathy C’, Wendy W’ & Sarah D’.