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Team H2H shoot


The Annual Castle Bowmen team head-to-head Tournament was shot on a pleasant, cold and fortunately dry day this year.

This fun shoot usually adds a bit of excitement to the end of the Summer season shooting and this  year was no different .

Seven teams competed for the winners trophies, kindly donated this year by Val G, and the much coveted Last Place team Wooden Spoon trophies.

After coming top of the team round  Michelle W’, Kathy C’ & Wendy W’ finally took the bronze medal position in the final elimination round. Rick S’, Shaun T’ & Stuart H took the Silver  and Mike Wo’, Mike B’ & Ian M’ triumphed to take the top spot.

 After a tense tie break round to determine last place, the honour of being crowned overall losing team  went to Steve C & David J’.

Click  >here<  to see more of the excellent pictures taken by Terry on the day.