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Team H2H shoot


'The 3rd Castle Bowmen Annual Traditional Long Standing Club Team Head-to-Head Tournament was held on the 19th October 2014

The Qualification round is shot first - a nice easy distance so everyone can reach it to compete

- then everyone is put into teams based on their Handicap and a Levelling score awarded to each team based on the total qualifying score of the team .

The Elimination round is then shot with all teams shooting directly head-to-head against another team until we are down to 2 teams shooting for Gold and Silver.

Sounds Complicated but it’s a lot of fun and everyone always enjoys themselves - and there's always medals too

The weather for this year’s shoot was ideal and was enjoyed by all.

The Castle Bowmen Annual  team head-to-head tournament  this year was an action packed affair -

Arrows were shot !!!

Tie breaks !!!  

scores were collected !!!

corrections were made to adding up !!!  

You can’t imagine the excitement of all the teams  ….


The Mighty Team 7  ( Kathy C’, Wendy W’ & Richard K’ ) were triumphant in the end  taking the Gold medals and the magnificent team trophy.  They were the highest scoring team throughout every stage of the Elimination rounds and so a well deserved victory for them .

Team 2  (Ryan P’, Terry C’ & Ashley B’ ) did excellently to take the Silver, and  Team 6 (Michelle W’, Rick S’ & Peter W’) came in the Bronze medal position.

Special mention to Team 4 ( Rob K’, Mike Wi’ & Dave B’)  who came bottom of the pile and took home a fletched Wooden Spoon each to reflect on their performance.

The victorious team winners for 2014 were Richard K’,  Kathy C’ & Wendy W’