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Team H2H shoot


The 2nd Castle Bowmen Annual Traditional Long Standing Club Team Head-to-Head Tournament was held at the start of October, as is the long standing tradition of 2 years.

'The weather may have been grey but the rain held off for some exciting shooting and thrilling tense medal decider matches.

The teams shot the Elimination rounds in hushed silence as the concentration was evident from the awesome high scores.

Some teams shot higher than their qualifying rounds to take them further to the Medal decider matches - some teams did not.

In the final standings :-

In Bronze medal position were 'Team 3' - Rob, Dave and Karen,

Silver medal went to 'Team 6' - Glenn, Alan H and Nia,

The Gold medal & Trophy winners for 2013 were

'Team 4' - MIke Wo', Rick and Rhianna.'