For those not familiar with target days and would like to know some more about why we do them  - here it is.

Target days are to give people the chance of scoring an actual proper round, as you might shoot at a tournament, but in the safe comfortable conditions of the club and so, hopefully, without the pressure.

 It also gives you an idea about how a tournament would roughly run, so it won't be as intimidating the first time you enter one.

Shooting scored rounds every month also breaks up the practice of just shooting at random distances, and will go towards your handicap and classification.

The handicap and classification scheme is quite complicated, but simply put, it's an ongoing system to measure how you are doing with your shooting.  Just ask if you want it explained in detail (and have half an hour to spare).

Regarding the Classifications - once you have established your classification or improve on it by sustained improvement in your scores, you get a classification badge given to you from the club to proudly wear on your quiver - and all you need to do to start with, is shoot 3 target days, scored rounds or tournaments and the records officer will do the rest and you will receive your first badge in no time.

As well as handing out classification badges, the club also awards target day trophies , these are little trophies for you to keep.

These are awarded for the person who improves the most on the own personal best score .

So don't worry if you think you might not score high, it really doesn't matter, as its on personal improvement so absolutely anyone has the chance to get a trophy.

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