Castle Bowmen compete in Summer and Winter postal leagues -

In the Summer we shoot a Short Metric round (3doz @ 50m & 3doz @ 30m)

And our Longbow teams shoot a National round (4doz@ 60yd & 2doz @ 50 yd)

In the Winter we shoot a frostbite round (3dozen arrows just at 30m)

These are great opportunities for club members to have experience of tournament conditions without any pressure,

as they are all shot on our own ground.

In 2012  &  2013  Castle Bowmen  came  TOP  of  Division 1  in  the  National  Summer  Postal  league Tournament   -  Making us ‘technically’ the Best Archery Club in the UK

Summer Postal league - Previous years results


2017 Summer postal tournaments were as competitive as always with many Castle Bowmen members wanting to make the teams.

At the end of the season we did reasonably well and had 2nd place finishes in a couple of teams. But congratulations and shiny badges will go to these excellent winning teams of the awesome Castle Bowmen-

Recurve/Barebow TEAM B - WINNERS


Longbow   TEAM B - WINNERS

And all the other teams came 2nd in their divsions, so a big well done to everyone.


2016 Summer postal tournaments were fun as always and everyone had fun competing. The Juniors and Longbow teams did very well to come 2nd for their first summer tournament, with many archers across the club showing great potential for improvement in next years tournaments.

Final Standings

Team A - 5th in Division 2

Team B - 5th in Division 11

Team D - 2nd in Division 19

Junior Team  - 2nd in Division 21

Longbow Team  - 2nd in Longbow Division 10

We may not have won the nice shiny badges this year but everyone who competed had fun and that’s the whole idea.


2015 Summer postal tournaments were challenging for the teams this year but despite that Team D was victorious in besting another Welsh team and taking the Division title for this year.

Teams A, B & C were not so fortunate but as always everyone had fun competing.

Final Standings

Team A - 4th

Team B - 3rd

Team C - 3rd

Team D - 1st


Castle Bowmen Teams A, B, C & D performed remarkably consistently this summer postal league.  Lots of New Members were part of the finals teams each month and we had an excellent mix of Recurve and Barebows contributing to each team every month.

For the Summer postal league - here are the final standings for our teams :-

Team A, 5th in Division 1

Team B, 5th in Division 7

Team C, 6th in Division 9

Team D, 5th in Division 14.


CASTLE BOWMEN 'A' once again end up top of DIVISION 1

Retaining the Title from last year and making us the Best in the UK

CASTLE BOWMEN 'B' fight their way up and end the season in an Excellent 2nd Pplace in their division 6

CASTLE BOWMEN 'C' end 4th  in divison 9 -This was a tough group to be in for a first year group and is a very creditable result.


CASTLE BOWMEN TEAM 'A' win all their rounds and end the season TOP OF DIVISION 1

Officially making Castle Bowmen the best club in the UK

Castle BOWMEN TEAM 'B' shoot extremely well all season,

and are only narrowly beaten into 2nd place in their Division, by a mere 4 arrow points


Castle Bowmen stay top of their division, in the Summer Postal league all summer, by winning every single round .


Castle Bowmen come top of their Division in the Summer league postal tournament

Winter Postal league - Previous years results

2016/ 17

In an amazing winter season we had some outstanding results.

Not only were some of Castle Bowmen archers the highest scorers in their division overall, we also had 3 out of 4 team victories - and a very close 2nd place for our 4th team.

2015/ 16

This wasn’t the best of winter season shooting  for the Seniors but the Juniors, in their first year of Postal tournaments did extremely well to come 2nd - Next Winter season we aim to improve across the board for every team

Team A were fifth in division 5.

Team B were fifth in division 24.

Team C were fourth in division 30.

Team D were fifth in division 37.

The Junior Team were 2nd in division 4.

2014 / 15

After a fabulous Winter of shooting ALL four Castle Bowmen teams won almost every match.

Three out of four of our Winter Postal Teams came TOP of their respective divisions - Congratulations to all that now proudly wear the winners badge on their quivers.

2013 / 14

Final results and standings for the Winter Frostbite league have reached us, and while it wasn’t all good news at least it was fun to shoot. It’s the taking part that counts…well that’s what they tell us.

Castle Bowmen Team A finished tied on set points with Woking Archery club but taking actual arrow points into account we ended the season in 2nd place .

Castle Bowmen Team B and Castle Bowmen Team C both ended in 6th position in their respective divisions.

Congratulations to Michelle for being the highest scoring lady archer in the  Divisions for November, February and March.


In the Final placing's for the Frostbite League 2012/13 ending March 2013 :-

Team A finished second in Division 1, Matt was the highest scorer in the whole of division 1 for March.

Team B finished fourth in their division.

Team C finished third in their division.

Not exactly the results we aimed for - but all teams were shooting in higher divisions than before and still claimed some excellent victories along the way.


Castle Bowmen 'A' and Castle Bowmen 'B' both finish in Silver medal position within their respective Divisions after a very competitive winter season.


Castle Bowmen Win all their matches and take the top division spot for the 2010/11 Winter Postal League





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Castle Bowmen’s excellent Archers also  compete, as a team, in many League tournaments as well as individual competitions.

For many years we have participated in the Nationally run Summer & Winter Postal league’s, with some very good results.