Rachel T’ has gained her Junior Bowman Classification

Geoffrey C’ gains his 1st Class Barebow Classification

Luke Y’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification


Candice L’ gains her Indoor ‘D’ Classification


Sam R’ gains his 2nd Class classification badge

Candice L’ gains her Indoor ‘E’ Classification


November :-

Sam R’ gains his Junior 3rd Class Outdoor Classification badge

Edith M’ gains her Junior 3rd Class Outdoor Classification badge

Congratulations to our Juniors who shot in the Glamorgan County Indoor Championships.

Sarah I’, Ryan P’ and Geoffrey C’ all shot extremely well and all won their individual categories, all taking home Gold medals and Glamorgan County Champion titles.  >> Click here to see the Champions <<

Congratulations to Sarah I’ for winning Gold at the Junior Welsh Indoor Championships in West Wales, her 2nd Welsh Champion title of the year after winning at the Outdoor Welsh Championships back in the Summer.

Well done to the Castle Bowmen Junior Team  who came 2nd in their division  for their first Summer Postal tournament (contributing members = Ryan P’, Sarah I’, Jack E’, Rachel T’ and Eirian T’).


In a busy Month Sarah I’ shot at the Welsh Championships, winning Gold and becoming Welsh Champion U16 Lady Barebow. She then qualified to shoot in the County team for the WAA Inter county tournament, which she helped Glamorgan WIN !!. She also picked up an individual medal for helping the Junior Barebows win their category. A picture of which can be seen  >> HERE<<

Well done to all in Castle Bowmen Juniors who took exams this year and we all hope the results were everything you wished for.

Eirian T’ gains her Junior Bowman Classification for Barebow

The Castle Bowmen Junior squad of Sarah I’, Ryan P’, Jack E’ and Rachel T’ all shot the Summer postal tournament for July and entered a team score of 786.

The Castle Bowmen Junior Team is currently standing in 2nd place in their division, with half the season still to go. This is only their first season of competing in the postal league and are all shooting extremely well .

Rachel T’ gains her 1st Class Barebow Classification

Congratulations to Sarah I’ as she gains her Junior Bowman Classification for Barebow and also for shooting a new Glamorgan County Record at the Castle Bowmen Doug Woodley Summer tournament.

The Sun shone (most of the time) on the  “impeccable*”  2016 Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics Tournament.

For the 4th year running we ran the Only Annual 12 dozen round in Wales exclusively for Juniors, with all having a good day shooting and many County and Welsh records being broken.

Many of Castle Bowmen Juniors shot in the tournament and did well. Ryan P’ taking Silver for the Gent Recurves on the Metric 1 round. Sarah I’ and Owen C’ both  took Gold in their respective category's on the Metric 3 round, and Rachel T also won Gold on the Metric 4 round.

*”Another impeccable shoot from Castle. Well done all” - Tim Pryse ( Welsh Archery Association Chairman and Archery GB Judge)

Well done to Sarah I’ for gaining her 1st Class Barebow Classification

Well done to Rachel T’ for gaining her 3rd and 2nd Class Classification this month

Congratulations go to Sarah I’ who has gained her Indoor ‘E’ Classification for Junior Lady Barebow. The Only member of Castle Bowmen to improve a Classification this month.

**Junior club on the 6th february has been cancelled due to bad weather and the waterlogged muddy state of the field **

Well done to Junior Club members Daffydd P’ for getting 2nd place for u18 barebow in the ArcheryGB Summer Metrics UK wide Postal Tournament, and Owen W’ for coming 3rd in the u14 Barebow category too.

Congratulations to Junior club members who have completed their Feather awards.

Gold Feather badges will be presented to Freya J’ and Lucy G.

Red Feather badges will be presented to Rhinnon E’, Henry G’, Freya J and Lucy G’.

Castle Bowmen Juniors have won all 3 of their Postal league matches so far  - Well done to them - keep up the good work .


Castle Bowmen Juniors win their postal league match against Bowmen of Burleigh Juniors in the November round.

Castle Bowmen Juniors are now entered into the UK wide Winter Postal league tournament.

Each month they will shoot a Frostbite round  (3dozen arrows at 30m).

At the end of the season, If they have come top of their division they get winners badges.

Here is a list of your opponents (they will be shooting at their own ground - that’s why it’s called a Postal shoot, because all the scores are sent by post …electronic post but it still counts)

-November vs Bowmen of Burleigh

-December vs Aquarius Archers

-January vs Bye (we must still shoot but will automatically win)

-February vs Meriden

-March vs Ferryfield Bowmen

Very well done to Sarah I’ for winning Gold in her age category at the Blandy Jenkins Junior Portsmouth tournament

Juniors Geoffrey C’  has his 2nd Class Classification , Sarah I’ now has her 3rd Class Classification and Henry S’ his Archer Classification. Well done to all.

Castle Bowmen held it’s annual ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics  Tournament in lovely warm weather this month.

This is the only annual 12 dozen Junior Only round held in Wales and was very well attended as always.

A few Welsh and County records were broken and all the Junior competitors seemed to enjoy the whole day.

Well done to all the Castle Bowmen Juniors who competed and congratulations to Dafydd P’, Ryan P’, Aiden C’, Owen C’, Jack E’, Emma M’ and Katie M’ for all winning medals.

Well done to Ryan for gaining his ‘E‘ indoor classification badge

Congratulations to Heather for winning the July Target day award for last summer season. Well done also to Ryan for winning the May Target day award for last year .

Both were announced and presented at the annual club dinner.



November :-

Well done to Daffydd P’  for getting his outdoor Archer Classification and George S’ for gaining his 3rd Class Outdoor Classification

Castle Bowmen's awesome Juniors have done it again at the Glamorgan Junior County Championships.

We retain our Club of Champions status with Ryan P’ successfully defending his  County U16 Recurve Champion title.

Also, Aiden C’ is added to our Champions page after becoming the new County U12 Barebow Champion after taking Gold in his Category and Owen C’ also shooting excellently takes home a Silver in the same category. See the pic on the media page  or on the Junior site Photo Section.

Warm Weather, Excellent Food, Lots of Medals - A perfect end to the season for Castle Bowmen archers attending the Cambria Bowmen BBQ shoot en-masse for a fun competition to round off the summer …

Our Juniors shot excellently  in their individual category's with Ryan getting Gold and a trophy  - Sam Picked up a Silver Medal ,  Emma won Gold and Claimed a Welsh Record for the Junior Windsor round, Katie Won a Silver medal and also claimed a Welsh Record for the Short Junior Windsor round  and won a spot prize of a bag of chocolates for shooting the flag …twice.


Congratulations on the Excellent shooting for Sam B’ which has given him his 1st Class Classification

Well done to Owen Ca’ for gaining his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

In August -

Well done to Sam B’ for gaining his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Well done to the Juniors for gaining their Classifications .

Sam and George receive the new Archer Classification badges, Owen C’ gets his 3rd class and Aiden & Emma gaining their 2nd Class Barebow Classifications.

Congratulations to Ryan for being chosen to represent Glamorgan’s Junior team in the Welsh Archery Association’s Annual Inter-County Tournament   - The Whole team shot very well and Glamorgan won the tournament for the 2nd year in a row.

In July  -

Jack E’ gains his 2nd Class classification

Katie M’ and Issac J’ gain their 3rd Class classifications

Ethan H’ gains his Archer Classification

Jack E’ gains his Jnr 3rd Class Recurve Classification - Congratulations

Congratulations to Owen W’ for achieving his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Congratulations to Jack S’ for achieving his  2nd Class Barebow Classification.

The Annual Handicap Improvement awards were announced and Heather was the most improved Junior for Indoor AND Outdoor shooting  - so lots of congratulations to her.

Sam is the first of Castle Bowmen Juniors to gain an Indoor Classification for Indoor Shooting in 2014

Well done to Heather for shooting enough rounds to achieve her F Indoor Classification badge - the first Junior to gain one


Congratulations to Beth for gaining her 1st Class AND 2nd Class Classification badge's in the same month !!!! well done

Well done to all who competed in the National Postal league tournament
- Some Very good scores by all who entered

Congratulations to Ryan for gaining his 1st Class Classification badge

Congratulations to Nia for winning the Lord of the Rings competition held on the Junior club Saturday.
She had to shoot the Orcs, Defeat the Witch King and finally won by being the first to hit the eye of Sauron right in the middle - Well Done.

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