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Archery Classifications are a guide to your overall level of shooting ability and can be used as a long term guide to how you are progressing.

There are 7 levels of classification starting at 'Archer' Class - through 3rd, 2nd and 1st Class Archer, then to the 'Bowmen' classes. Ending with Master Bowmen & Grand Master Bowmen.

The archery Handicap system can be used as a guide to your current

level of shooting ability,and can also be easily used to compare your

scores when shooting different distanced rounds.      


Handicaps start at 100 and go down to zero - The lower the number the better       

- basically If your handicap number drops then you are shooting more

consistently higher scores.     


This is a simplified explanation and will depend on your bowtype and age

For a more detailed explanation just ask the records officer

Anyone can gain a Classification (plus a nice badge to go with it) - All you need to do is shoot 3 recognised Archery GB rounds.

Any Questions about Classifications/Handicaps or appropriate rounds for you to shoot to gain an initial H/C, or improve the one you've got ?

Just ask The Club Record Officer Mike

Club Classification and H/C’s

2016/2017 Indoor Season   - (correct as of 10th January 2017) Classifications & Handicaps

2017 Outdoor Season   - (As of 10th January 2017  - Classifications and Handicaps)

For the current up to date lists just ask the Records Officer)

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