The Feather and Arrow schemes are designed to gently test your knowledge and skill of archery and are a great way to improve with your shooting.
The coaches will guide you through the whole scheme, and if you pass a simple assessment at the end you get awarded a nice badge for you to keep.


Outdoor and Indoor Classification Badges -

The club awards Classification badge to those Junior archers achieving the scores required for each level.

They must be shot in an official recognised round

Ask Jenny, Rick  or Steve for details




Danieal H’ gains his Indoor G classification



Luke Y’ gains his Indoor E classification


Congratulations to Candice L’ for winning the Vic Williams Trophy for 2017.

The  Vic Williams trophy is an annual award given out by the Welsh Archery Association for the most improved Junior in Wales.

Candice went from a beginner with no experience at the beginning of the year, to officially gaining her Junior Master Bowman classification by August, the best performance by a Junior in the clubs history.


Jeffrey gains his Archer Classification

Geoffrey C’ improves his H/C Score


Rachel T’ has gained her Junior Bowman Classification

Geoffrey C’ gains his 1st Class Barebow Classification

Luke Y’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Lucy G’ gains her Archer Classification


Candice L’ gains her outdoor Bowman Classification for Recurve


Candice L’ gains her Indoor ‘D’ Classification


Sam R’ gains his 2nd Class classification badge

Candice L’ gains her Indoor ‘E’ Classification


November :-

Sam R’ gains his Junior 3rd Class Outdoor Classification badge

Edith M’ gains her Junior 3rd Class Outdoor Classification badge

Congratulations to our Juniors who shot in the Glamorgan County Indoor Championships.

Sarah I’, Ryan P’ and Geoffrey C’ all shot extremely well and all won their individual categories, all taking home Gold medals and Glamorgan County Champion titles.  >> Click here to see the Champions <<


Congratulations to Sarah I’ and Eirian T for winning medals at the BBQ shoot hosted by Cambria Bowmen .

They both also claimed Glamorgan County Records too for their excellent shooting in very difficult wet and windy conditions.

Eirian T’ gains her Junior Bowman Classification for Barebow

Rachel T’ gains her 1st Class Barebow Classification

Congratulations to Sarah I’ as she gains her Junior Bowman Classification for Barebow

Well done to Rachel T’ for gaining her 3rd Class classification in Barebow

The Castle Bowmen AGM, accompanied this year by a very nice buffet and drinks, was well attended.

The Chairman gave an excellent review of the year, highlighting the many achievements and accomplishments of Castle  Bowmen members. He also mentioned the continued good atmosphere in the club, with a great deal of members helping to set the field up and pack away and generally help in all sorts of ways to keep the club running smoothly.

After the official business was concluded the Annual improvement awards were presented.

These are trophies for the Senior and Junior archers that have improved the most over the year. One for the Summer season and one for the Winter season.  Well done to our Junior Archers Owen  for the summer trophy and Erik for the winter.

Congratulations go to Sarah I’ who has gained her Indoor ‘E’ Classification for Junior Lady Barebow. The Only member of Castle Bowmen to improve a Classification this month.

Well done to Junior Club members Daffydd P’ for getting 2nd place for u18 barebow in the ArcheryGB Summer Metrics UK wide Postal Tournament, and Owen W’ for coming 3rd in the u14 Barebow category too.

Congratulations to Junior club members who have completed their Feather awards.

Gold Feather badges will be presented to Freya J’ and Lucy G.

Red Feather badges will be presented to Rhinnon E’, Henry G’, Freya J and Lucy G’.



Juniors Geoffrey C’  has his 2nd Class Classification , Sarah I’ now has her 3rd Class Classification and Henry S’ his Archer Classification. Well done to all.

June :-

Tomas D’ gains his Archer Classification and Aiden C’ improves his H/C

March :-

Well done to Ryan for gaining his ‘E‘ indoor classification badge

Congratulations to Heather for winning the July Target day award for last summer season. Well done also to Ryan for winning the May Target day award for last year .

Both were announced and presented at the annual club dinner.

2014 -

November :-

 Well done to Daffydd P’  for getting his outdoor Archer Classification and George S’ for gaining his 3rd Class Outdoor Classification


Congratulations on the Excellent shooting for Sam B’ which has given him his 1st Class Classification

Well done to Owen Ca’ for gaining his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

August :-

Well done to Sam B’ for gaining his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Well done to the Juniors for gaining their Classifications .

Sam and George receive the new Archer Classification badges, Owen C’ gets his 3rd class and Aiden & Emma gaining their 2nd Class Barebow Classifications.

In July  :-

Jack E’ gains his 2nd Class classification

Katie M’ and Issac J’ gain their 3rd Class classifications

Ethan H’ gains his Archer Classification

Jack E’ gains his Jnr 3rd Class Recurve Classification

Congratulations to Owen W’ for achieving his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Congratulations to Jack S’ for achieving his  2nd Class Barebow Classification.

Sam is the first of Castle Bowmen Juniors to gain an Indoor Classification for Indoor Shooting in 2014

Well done to Heather for shooting enough rounds to achieve her F Indoor Classification badge

- the first Junior to gain one

>>>> Feather Awards <<<<

Gold Feather Award- Freya J’

Gold Feather Award- Lucy G’

Red Feather Award- Rhiannon E’

Red Feather Award- Freya J’

Red Feather Award- Henry S’

Red Feather Award- Lucy G’

Red Feather Award- Aiden

Red Feather Award- Luke

Red Feather Award- Katie

Red Feather Award- Olivia

Red Feather Award- Rohan

Red Feather Award- Brendan

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White Arrow award - Beth

Black Arrow award - Beth