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~~~ Review of the Castle Bowmen Archery Year 2017 ~~~

2017 was yet another record breaking year for Castle Bowmen ... mostly because we broke lots of records again.

The Club’s numbers have also stayed fairly consistent with over 100 members keeping us one of, if not THE, biggest club in Wales.

Club of Champions

This year our awesome archers won over 70 tournament medals, 7 County championship titles,

numerous County & Welsh records and another Welsh Champion title, and won the Barebow Team

Trophy at the Indoor County Championships.

We also have the top 3 ranked Lady Barebow archers in Wales and more archers in the Welsh

rankings than ever before.

Every member of Castle Bowmen shot exceptionally well over the year, many attaining new PB’s

(Personal Best scores) with more than 43 archers being awarded new Classification badges.

Castle Bowmen Juniors

Castle Bowmen Juniors had some good success stories this year.

Candice L’ was awarded the ‘Vic Williams Trophy’ by the Welsh Archery Association for being the

most improved Junior Lady in Wales for the year. A well deserved award as she went from beginner

to Master Bowmen in less than a Season.

Sarah I’ retains her title of Welsh Outdoor Champion for her age group as well as Glamorgan

County Champion for Indoor. Sarah also competed in the British Barebow Indoor Championships in

December and placed 6th in her age category - That’s 6th in the whole of the UK, so a big well done to her.

Rachel T’ and Owen C’ also did well at the Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships and won

their age categories to become County champions in their respective age groups.


More than 70 trainee archers have joined our beginner courses over the last year to be coached

by our awesome coaches and many have then gone on to become full members.

We have extended our excellent and unrivalled coaching team with another of our members, Mike B’ graduating the

ArcheryGB coaching course to become our 9th Level 1 club coach.

New Venue

This year we started shooting at another indoor shooting venue in addition to our usual

excellent sports hall at St Davids College. It’s only been a couple of months at St Teilos School but the

Improvement  in terms of accessibility, warmth, facilities and reliability has pleased everyone no end.

Castle Bowmen AGM

The Castle Bowmen AGM was accompanied this year once again by a very nice buffet and drinks

and was well attended. Chairman Rick S’ couldn’t attend due to work commitments but sent a

message of support to all members. Steve C’ ran the official procedures with great professionalism as

we discussed future improvements to the club for the coming year, and voted in the new committee

charged with the running of the club. An excellent review of the year was also given by Mike W’ the

records officer, highlighting the many achievements and accomplishments of Castle Bowmen members.

The Annual award for the archer making an exceptional contribution to the club, the ‘Arthur

Knighton’ trophy, was presented to Mike W’, for his exceptional shooting, namely gaining the

Classification of Grand Master Bowmen for Barebow in only one year.

Club Tournaments

We started 2017 with our customary cold and muddy New Year Handicap shoot to determine

our club champion, which was awarded to Caz’ P’ for the 3rd year running.

Our other tournaments throughout the year were very well attended and greatly enjoyed by all:-

From the Easter shoot, the most chocolatey competition in Wales and also a Welsh Ranking event,

The ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics (The Only annual Junior-Only 12 dozen round tournament in

Wales) to the Doug Woodley mid summer WA900 shoot, all the visiting archers from other clubs

agreeing they had a very enjoyable time.

And not forgetting our unique annual Club Team Head-to-Head Tournament in October, with 30

of Castle Bowmen’s archers shooting this year competing to win officially the biggest Archery medals

in Wales, and the even more sought-after Losers Wooden spoon trophies.

Postal Leagues:-

In the winter

3 out of 4 of our winter postal teams won their divisions and received shiny new winners badges.

Mike Wo’ for Team A and Caz’ P’ for Team B were both the highest scoring Gent and Lady for January

for the whole division in the UK.

In the summer

3 teams won their divisions including all of the longbow divisions and all received their customary winners badges

Glamorgan County Team

Six archers from Castle Bowmen, Andrew P’, Michelle W’, Sarah I’, Candice L’, Wendy W’ and Mike

Wo', were chosen to be members of the Winning Glamorgan County team for the WAA inter county

championships held in East Wales. Mike, Andrew and Sarah also received an individual category

medal for winning their respective Barebow categories.

2017 Glamorgan County Champions:-

Kathy C- Lady Barebow Champion (INDOOR and OUTDOOR for the 2nd year running)

Mike Wo- Gent Barebow Champion (His 11th County Champion title)

Sarah I- Jnr Lady U18 Barebow Champion (INDOOR for the 2nd year running)

Rachel T- Jnr Lady U16 Barebow Champion (INDOOR)

Owen C- Jnr Gent U14 Barebow Champion (INDOOR)

Castle Bowmen win the Barebow Team Trophy at the Indoor Championships

Glamorgan county records claimed:-

Andrew P’ - St George Round - Gent Barebow (Master)

Sarah I’ - Short National - Lady Barebow U18

Michelle W’ - National Round - Lady Recurve

Alan G’ - St George round - Gent Longbow (Senior & Veteran)

Kathy C’ - St George round - Lady Barebow

Kathy C’ - Western Round - Lady Barebow

Caroline P’ - Western Round - Lady Barebow (Master)

Peter W’ - Western Round - Gent Barebow (Veteran)

Rick S’ - Western Round - Gent Recurve (Veteran)

Sarah I’ - Metric 2 - Lady Barebow U18

Sarah I’ - WA 900 - Lady Barebow U18

Caroline P’ - WA 900 - Lady Barebow (Master)

Candice L’ - Bristol 4 - Lady Recurve U14

Candice L’ - Metric 4 - Lady Recurve U14

Geoffrey C’ - Metric 3 - Gent Barebow U14

2017 Welsh Champions:-

Sarah I’ - Lady Barebow U18 Championess (Outdoor)

Welsh Records claimed:-

Kathy C’ - St George round - Lady Barebow

Alan G’ - St George round - Senior & Veteran Gent Longbow

Geoffrey C’ - Metric 3 - Jnr gent Barebow U14

(plus individual distance records for 50m & 30m)

Welsh Rankings

This year we had more Archers featuring in the Welsh rankings than at any other time since they were

devised in 2007. And since that date Castle Bowmen have had an archer placed Number 1 in a Bow

category every single year but two (but even then they were still placed 2nd and 3rd for them years).

Lady Barebow -

Kathy C’ at number 1 in Wales

Caz P’ at number 2

Sarah I’ at number 3

Rachel T’ at number 6

Gent Barebow -

Andrew P’ at number 4 in Wales

Mike Wo’ at number 7

Dave M’ at number 10

Zoltan V’ at number 12

Peter W’ at number 19

Gent Longbow -

Alan G’ at number 5 in Wales

Lady Recurve -

Wendy W’ at number 14 in Wales

Gent Recurve -

Rick S’ at number 15 in Wales

Steve C’ at number 16

Ryan P’ at number 17

Mike Wo’ at number 27

Shaun T’ at number 34

Gent Compound-

Serge L’ at number 23 in Wales


December 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Mike Bar’ gains his 1st Class Outdoor Recurve Classification

Andrew P’ gains his Indoor ‘D’ Recurve Classification

Paul Y’ gains his Recurve  ‘E’ Indoor Classification

Sarah D’ gains her indoor ‘F’ Classification for Recurve

Mike Wo’ retains his Indoor ‘B’ Classification for a 3rd year running

Steve C’, Mike Bar’ and Andrew P’ improve their Outdoor H/C scores

Kathy C’, Karl C’, Chris T’, Mike Bar’, Luke Y’, Andrew P’ and Mike Wo’ all improve their Indoor H/C scores




Team A (Mike Wo’, Chris T’ & Andrew P’) 1628  v's  Worcester  Bowmen 1630   2nd place

Team B (Katie B’B’, Steve C’ & Rick S’)  1473 v's  Bowmen of Darenteford  1472      A WIN !!!

Team C (Alan H’, Ian M’ & Wendy W’)

 Team D (Rory S’, Geoffrey C’ & Alan G’)

Frostbite Winter Postal Teams For December-

Team A (Mike Wo’, Caz’ P’ & Terry C’)  850 v's  Chichester Bowmen 909 2nd place

Team B (Andrew P’, Rick S’ & Wendy W’) 745 v's  Malden Bowmen 604     A WIN !!!

Team C (Steve C’, Alan H’ & Drew M’)  556 v's  Bowmen of Minchinhampton 649 2nd place

Team D ( DNS ) 0  v’s  Newport Pagnall Archers 361 2nd place

Junior Team A (Luke Y’, Sarah I’ & Jack E’) 580 vs Ferryfield Bowmen Juniors 628 2nd place

Junior Team B (Rachel T’  &  Owen C’)

Congratulations to our Junior Club member Sarah I’  for competing in the British Barebow Indoor Championships last month. The results have been confirmed and she placed 6th in her age category - That’s 6th in the whole of the UK, so a big well done to her.

** We WILL be shooting at the field on Christmas EVE & New Years EVE Mornings  -

A Good chance for some nice peaceful relaxing Archery to keep you in the Christmas mood **

November 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Imants G’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Outdoor Classification

Chris T’ gains his Recurve ‘D’ Indoor Classification

Luke Y’ gains his Indoor ‘E’ Classification

Paul Y’ gains his Indoor ‘F’ Barebow Classification

Luke Y’, John H’, Imants G’ & Caz’ P’ improve their Outdoor H/C scores

Sarah I’, Rob K’, Luke Y’, Dave M’ & Chris T’ improve their Indoor H/C scores

Congratulations to our Junior Club for giving Castle Bowmen 3 more County Champions at the recent Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships held at a club in the west of Cardiff.

Sarah I’, Rachel T’ and Owen C’ all won their respective age categories to take home all the Gold and titles of Glamorgan County Champions.


Team A - (Mike Wo’, Rob K’ & Chris T’)  1613  v’s   Brighton Bowmen 494 …. A WIN !!!

Team B - (Andrew P, Kathy C’ & Dave M’)  1504  v’s   Supermarine Bowmen  1455     …. A WIN !!!

Team C - (Caz P’, Steve C’ & Ian M’ )  

Team D - (Paul Y’, Luke Y’ & Stuart H’ )

Team E - (Sarah D’)

Frostbite Winter Postal Teams For November -

Team A (Mike Wo’, Mike Bar’ & Terry C’)   924  v's   Eccles Archery Club  893     …. A WIN !!!

Team B (Katie B’B’, Alan G’ & Steve C’) 856  v's  Waterside Archers  823 …. A WIN !!!

Team C (Caz’ P’, Rick S’ & Andrew P’) 736  v's  Pinner Bowmen  716 …. A WIN !!!

Team D (Alan H’, Karl C’ & Ken Mc’) 678   v's  BYE     …. A WIN !!!

Team E (Wendy W’, John H’ & Douglas N’)

Team F (Betty N’, Mike Wi’ & Rhian H’)

Junior team (Sarah I’, Rachel T’ & Sam R’ )  437 v’s  Waterside Archers Jnrs 180 …. A WIN !!!

Pictures of our new, much improved, warmer and very lovely St Teilos shooting venue

- Fridays 7pm til 9pm

Official conformation of our Summer Postal Successes has been announced to the worlds press.

Team B have finished TOP of their Division…

As well as … Longbow Team A ….

AND  !!! … Longbow Team B !!

Well done to all who contributed to them teams as well as everyone who competed for the club in the summer’s tournaments

***Due to a small technical hitch shooting at St Teilos will  now commence on FRIDAY 17th NOVEMBER ***

The school informed us that they are unfortunately unexpectedly being forced to use the sports hall, so all bookings have to be moved.

All is well though, as all our equipment is already moved in and will be waiting for us on the 17th.

The Winter Season is upon us, so that means we’ll be once again competing in the Winter Postal Leagues, hoping to build on our many successes of previous years and earn them all important badges.

All the dates for all the postal's are all on the calendar page so you wont miss any. >>Calendar <<

The Outdoor ‘Frostbite Round’ (3dozen @ 30m) will be starting on Sunday November 19th .

The Brand NEW INDOOR Portsmouth Postal League will also be starting this year. A chance to put them Portsmouth scores to good use and yet another chance to win more badges.

The first Portsmouth Postal will  be on November 12th

Unlike other shoots, If you don’t manage to make the Team in either of the Postal leagues all is not lost for badge collecting !!!

There is still a chance to claim one of them shiny pieces of precious metal  !! … and plastic  

Special progress badges are available based purely on your individual scores. Regardless of if you make the team or not.

Click below for more information about the Frostbite and the Portsmouth Postal's.



October 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Mike Bar’ gains his 2nd Class Recurve Classification

John H’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Imants G’ gains his 3rd Class Barebow Classification

Geoffrey C’, Mike B’ & John H’ improve their Outdoor H/C scores

Kathy C’, Chris T’, Sarah D’ and Serge L’ improve their Indoor H/C scores




Here is the full address for your sat navs or lovely retro paper maps -  St Teilos Church in Wales High School, Circle Way East, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9PD       -    and here is a sneak preview of what the hall looks like

Congratulations to Candice L’ for winning the Vic Williams Trophy for 2017.

The  Vic Williams trophy is an annual award given out by the Welsh Archery Association for the most improved Junior in Wales.

Candice went from a beginner with no experience at the beginning of the year, to officially gaining her Junior Master Bowman classification by August, the best performance by a Junior in the clubs history.

The 6th Annual Castle bowmen Team H2H Tournament this year was a great success. More members than ever before shot this unique event in the archery calendar.  One of the few shoots where absolutely anyone of any ability can compete and have an equal chance of winning as anyone else.

The 30 archers gathered on a fairly pleasant day, despite reports of upcoming hurricanes, and shot magnificently through the series of stages of the Tournament.

Team Badges were worn with pride by all the competitors as they worked with and enthusiastically encouraged their fellow team members to collectively shoot the best they possibly can.

With First place AND Last place team trophies up for grabs the archers had great incentives to shoot to the highest possible standard they could manage.

At the end of the day the First place winners, Caz P’, Rory S’ & Ian M’ took home their trophies and the giant Castle Bowmen winners medal.  Runners up medals went to Rick S’, Luke Y’ & Mike Wi’ and 3rd place team medals went to Steve C’, Paul Y’ & Neil G’.

Arguably the most prestigious Wooden Spoon Team trophys  went to the Last place team which this year was Kathy C’, Wendy W’ & Sarah D’.

Below is a photo of all the winners             AND CLICK  >>>> HERE <<<< TO SEE ALL THE PREVIOUS YEARS RESULTS AND PHOTOS

Through secret sources the Guardian of the League Kathy has uncovered information that suggests 3 of our Summer Postal League teams may have won their divisions and shiny badges may be rewarded at some point in the future.

This is totally unofficial at the moment and official confirmation is still being sort from reputable sources….stay tuned for more information

Some of Castle Bowmen enjoyed the Summer season so much they wanted to stretch it out as long as possible by making the trip back to Cheltenham Archers for a 4th time, to compete in their last outdoor shoot of the year.

Rick S’, Steve C’, Kathy C’, Caz’ P, Ryan P’ and Sarah I’ battled once more against the unfavourable weather conditions which come with a tournament in October, and ended the day with some very respectable scores between them.

Steve and Rick had an extremely close match with nothing to choose between them all day and both ending with seasons best scores. It was Steve that finally prevailed as he beat Rick by a mere 5 points.

Kathy C’ was also pushed by a rival Lady Barebow but fought off the challenge valiantly to win the Gold medal by 2 points.

Sarah I’ for the Juniors coped extremely well in the conditions and also took home a magnificent Gold for coming first.

REMEMBER YOUR AFFILIATION FEES, if you haven’t already paid them.


September 2017

Improvers for the month… :-


Michelle W’, Seb J’, Ken M’, Terry C’, John H’, Imants G’, Mike Bar’, Wendy W’, Dave M’ & Alan G’ improve their H/C Scores

SUMMER POSTAL LEAGUE - September teams   

LONGBOW  team  A  (Paul N’ & Wendy W’)   353  v’s      Winchester   DNS …A WIN !!!

LONGBOW  team  B  (Andrew P’ & Mike Wo’) 216   v’s     Guildford C  DNSA WIN !!!

Team A  (Rick S’, Mike Wo’ & Mike Bar’) 1588 v’s   City of Cambridge 1574 A WIN !!!

Team B  (Steve C’, Terry C’ & Peter W’) 1282 v’s   Llantarnam Jnrs  A 1031 A WIN !!!

Team C  (Kathy C’, Alan G’ & Wendy W’) v’s   Beverly Target  A WIN !!!

Team D  (Andrew P’, Karl C’ & Ken M’) 1067 v’s   Bognor Regis 1002  A WIN !!!

Team E  (John H’ & Mike Wi’)

JUNIOR TEAM (Luke Y’, Tomas D’ & Rachel T’) 756 v’s  Llantarnam Jnrs B DNS A WIN !!!

We are unfortunately having to say goodbye to long term member Peter W’ this month.

Pete has been with us since 2014 and his name adorns many of the tournament reports with his wins. He has decided to leave wet and windy South Wales to move to wet and windy Cheshire. Saddened as we are to lose Pete, we wish him and the family all the very best for the future, and hope he’ll visit us from time to time if he’s in the area. - Visitor fee’s £2 ;)

The deliciously named BBQ shoot, held annually by Cambria Bowmen, marks the end of the summer season for most and so is the last chance to gain some shiny medals whilst eating the burgers * (*don’t eat and shoot, it can be messy).

The fine archers  of Castle Bowmen attended the shoot to finish the burgers and season in style.

The rain held off for the shooting but did make an appearance as we were collecting our many many medals.

Rachel T’ shooting the Short Windsor round collected Gold for the Lady Barebows U16.

Mike Wi’ took home Gold for the Gent Longbows shooting the Albion Round, with Rick S’, also shooting the Albion took  away Bronze for the Gent Recurves.

Shooting the longest distance round, The St George, Kathy C’ took home the Gold and Wendy W’ the Silver for the Lady Barebows,  with Andrew P’ taking Gold for the Gent Barebows.

Alan G’ took Gold for the Longbow Gents.

And finally for the Gent Recurves Mike Wo’ took Silver and Steve C’ took Bronze

Kathy C’ also won a coveted special colour prize and the club won a multitude of raffle prizes, so fun was had by all, even in the rain.

At the 2017 Welsh Open Championships, hosted this year by Llantarnam Archery Club - the most famous club in Gwent, Castle Bowmen only had a few of it’s superb archers competing but we still did very well.

Rick S’, Mike Wo’ and Sarah I’ had to deal with very tricky wind conditions throughout the entire day, but luckily the rain did hold off for a change.

At the end of a difficult days shooting we ended with some very creditable results considering the conditions.

Rick S’ for the Gent Recurves shot a well deserved SB (Seasons Best Score), Mike Wo’ came a close 2nd for the Gent Barebows to take home the Silver medal, but most praise must go to Sarah I’ for winning her age category on the Metric 2 round to take home the Gold and title of U18 Lady Barebow Welsh Champion for 2017.

At the very prestigious 2017 WAA Inter-County Tournament, where all the Welsh County teams compete against each other, 5 of Castle Bowmen’s finest were taking part as part of the Glamorgan County Team.

Michelle W’, Wendy W’, Sarah I’, Andrew P’ and Mike Wo’ travelled to the far off County of Gwent to shoot for the honour of representing the County, and they did extremely well and helped Glamorgan WIN the Inter-county Trophy for a record 6th time.

Sarah I’, Andrew P’ and Mike Wo’ also won individual category medals for winning their respective Barebow categories.

Castle Bowmen’s bravest archers travelled to the depths of East Wales  near the great River to compete in one of the greatest challenging tournaments of the year. The weather was against them, the cold was biting, the rain was incessant, the wind was annoying, and the burgers had ran out.

But were the down heartened ? … Well a little bit but they carried on with great persistence anyway.

Rick S’, Steve C’, Kathy C’ and Sarah I’ were at the Gwent county championships which were being held in Chepstow this year hosted by St Kingsmark Bowmen.

Despite the ”…cold...cold...cold....my blood was frozen...cold...cold...cold”  Kathy, for the lady barebows,  shot very well indeed to come away with 2nd place and a Silver medal, with Sarah also for the Lady Barebows going home with a Bronze medal.

Rick and Steve both came away with a Seasons Best score for the round and also improved their Welsh rankings score with this shoot. So well done to all of them that braved the weather.

In an exciting end to the season the Castle Bowmen Longbow archers have shot their final Postal shoot.

The conditions, despite the forecast, were mostly dry if overcast with just the occasional brief rain shower, which the ever expert Longbows dealt with easily.

This month's Team A actually scored the highest total for a longbow team in the club this season, so hopefully the badges will be coming our way again.

PLEASE NOTE : The September Postal shoot date has been moved to 10th September for the Recurve/Barebow team …..This is to allow those shooting at the Welsh Championships to also compete in the postal league and gain glory for the club….

So to Repeat in Case anyone missed it - The Recurve/ Barebow Postal league date will be on the 10th September… not the 17th….THE 10th.

August 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Candice L’ gains her Junior Master Bowmen Classification for Recurve

Michelle W’ gains her 1st Class classification for Recurve

Mike Bar’ gains his 3rd Class Recurve classification

Imants G’ gains his Archer Classification

Andrew P’, Michelle W’, Shaun T’, Stuart H’, Alan G’, Kathy C’, Ken M’, Karl C’, Mike Bar’, Seb’ J’, and John H’ improve their H/C scores

SUMMER POSTAL LEAGUE - August teams  (results when available)

Team A  (Rick S’, Shaun T’ & Michelle W’)  1559 v’s   Brighton 1669 …2nd place

Team B  (Mike Wo’, Katie B’B’ & Terry C’) 1372 v’s   Gravesend  1182 … A WIN !!!

Team C  (Alan G’, Andrew P’ & Peter W’) 1209 v’s   Windsor Forest B 1246 …2nd place

Team D  (Stuart H’, Karl K’ & Ken M’) 1038 v’s   Sports Able 647 … A WIN !!!

Team E  (Ian M’, Wendy W’ & Dave J’)   

Team F  (John H’, Mike Wi’ & Rhian H’)    

LONGBOW  team  A  (Andrew P’ & Alan G’)  375 v’s    Rutland  232 … A WIN !!!

LONGBOW  team  B  (Wendy W’ & Stuart H’) v’s    Andover …tba

LONGBOW  team  C  (Mike Wi’ & Paul Ll’)

JUNIOR TEAM  (Sarah I’, Jack E’ & Rachel T’) 572 v’s  Winchester DNS … A WIN !!!

Congratulations goes to Candice L’ for becoming the clubs first Junior Master Bowman.

She completed her 3rd official classification score in a very wet and windy tournament in Devon, at Exmouth Archers Premier event.

Despite the terrible conditions she battled through and came away with 1st place and Gold in her category and also with the all important final score needed to become Master Bowmen.

In the most prestigious County shoot of the year, The Glamorgan open County Championships, Castle Bowmen once more proved beyond a doubt that we are indeed the finest Barebow archers in the land.

On a day of extremely tricky wind conditions and the occasional threat of rain Castle reigned supreme.

Scoring a PB (Personal Best Score) which was also a GMB (Grand Master Bowmen Score) Kathy C’ easily took 1st place for the Lady Barebow’s and retains her County Champion title for the 2nd year running.

For the Gent Barebow’s ALL three top county positions were taken by Castle.  Andrew P’, also shooting a PB, came 3rd for the county. Peter W’ came in 2nd for Glamorgan and Mike Wo’ took Gold and retains his Glamorgan Champion title, his 12th county title of his career.

Steve C’, for the Gent Recurves was also there.

July 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

John H’ gains his 3rd Class Classification

Dave H’, John H’, Zoltan V’, Alan G’, Andrew P’, Rhian H’, Dave M’ & Peter W’ improve their H/C Scores


Team A  (Alan H’, Steve C’ & Terry C’)  v’s   Fakenham  …tba

Team B  (Peter W’, Mike Bar’ & Alan G’ ) 1332  v’s   Clophill   433   A WIN !!

Team C  (Andrew P’, Wendy W’ & Mike Bai’ ) 1162  v’s   Deben DNS  … A WIN !!

Team D  (Dave M’, Stuart H’ & John H’ )  773 v’s   Bayeux   DNS  … A WIN !!

Team E  - Mike Wi’

LONGBOW  team  A (Paul N’  &  Alan G’)  359 v’s    Harlequin 320 A WIN !!

LONGBOW  team  B (Mike Wi’  & Wendy W’ )  242  v’s     Chichester  DNS   A WIN !!

LONGBOW  team  C (Mike Wo’)

JUNIOR TEAM  (Luke Y’, Tomas D’  & Geoffrey C’)  v’s   BYE   … A WIN !!

The last of the Cheltenham Trilogy of shoots - ‘part 3’

Once again Castle Bowmen archers travelled to the now familiar city of Cheltenham to compete in the Black and Gold Archers York/Hereford Open Tournament.

Here is an in-depth, technical and thorough analysis of the days archery from the competing archers Kathy C’ and Rick S’ :-

 “.....you know when archers say it was windy and it wasn't really? Well, today was WINDY!!!! Hats were flying off, flags came off the top of the bosses, scoresheets scattered to the 5 winds and scopes were toppling over even though they were bungeed down. It was varying degrees of WINDY, VERY WINDY, REALLY WINDY and REALLY VERY WINDY!!! With the odd downpour also. But it was okay as they had a tea and cake tent and a hot food tent :) very nice lemon drizzle.

It was all going okay but then the wind got winding and it got WINDY and it kept blowing my [kathy’s] arrow off the rest and bow. I tried to remedy this by canting the bow on draw then straightening up and quickly releasing but this didn't work not suprisingly!! Rick said the compounds were even hitting 1's at some stages. I stuck a piece of wax on the end of my rest but this fell off.....then rick's trusty floss and glue did the trick and normal service resumed.

[Rick] picked up after 100yds after being told to shoot properly and ended up 2 points off a season's PB and  I [Kathy] came third.....BUT the lassie who won got a GMB score, the silver was 1pt off a GMB score and I was behind her by 20 or so points with my first MB score of the season and a personal PB :) AND there were 5 of us so I got a medal :) but NOT a fluffy tiger as I wasn't a junior :( “

The Cheltenham Chronicles Part 2 …  Our fearless band of Castle Bowmen archers made the journey across the land and sea (…big river) to Cheltenham again to compete in another of their fabulous tournaments.

The day was full of all sorts of different weather, and the first experience for some of the band of shooting in foreign climes, but this didn’t deter our archers from once again coming back to Wales with a  mountain of shiny loot.

After a full day of excellent shooting Ryan P’ won more raffle prizes than anyone else in the tournament and Caroline P’ once again took home the Gold medal for the Lady Barebows.

…“As an extra event Dave M’ started a hunt the arrow competition. Dave continued to play on his own through much of lunch sweeping more area than the British Army during the Gulf campaign.

Not wanting him to feel left out Dave was eventually joined by his fellow club mates suitably revived after their relaxing lunch sitting watching him amble back and forth across most of the field muttering such things as ‘I’m almost sure I shot 6 arrows’ Hmm??

Eventually the fun was ended when some wag decided to check the target stand. Who’d think of looking there!”…

But despite the extra exercise Dave M’ scored a PB (Personal Best score) and took a well deserved Gold medal for the Gent Barebows with Andrew P’ taking home the Silver.

For the Gent Recurves Steve C’ and Rick S’ were also there shooting excellently as always, and came away with scores which would improve BOTH of their Welsh Ranking positions for this year.


Some of Castle Bowmen’s finest archers competed in the very first tournament organised by RJD Archers, just West of Cardiff.

The shoot was impeccably organised and with the warm dry weather the day was very enjoyable and fun for all, with most of Castle scoring PB’s (Personal Best Scores).

At the end of the day we ended up with a few raffle prizes and a large number of the medals.

Ryan P’ and Rachel T’ both won Golds in their Junior Categories.

Kathy C’ won Gold and Caz P’ won Silver for the Lady Barebows.

For the Gent Barebows Peter W’ took Gold and Dave M’ took Bronze (missing the Silver medal by a single point ! )

Mike Wo’ took away the Gold for the Gent Recurves and Wendy W’ took Gold for the Lady Recurves.

Rick S’, Rachel T’, Kathy C’ and Caz P’ also all claimed Glamorgan County records.

Some pictures from the day :-

Winter Postal League Winners update : It can be announced that Team A, Team C and Team D all came top of their Divisions.  Winners badges will be awarded to the top contributors for each winning team.

The Guardian of the Postal League has decreed that the awards ceremony for the winners badges will be at a date to be specified at a later date.

Castle Bowmen’s intrepid archers once again made the voyage over the high mountains to the east and across the mighty river to land finally in the tiny hamlet of Cheltenham. Here the locals had organised a fabulous archery tournament for all to enter. The Welsh archers battled valiantly with the highly unusual weather conditions (sunny) for a chance to take away the treasure on offer.

Veteran archer Rick S’ shot well for the day, and despite just missing out on a medal, still ended the  tournament with a perfect arrow straight into the ‘X’, rewarding him with a PB (personal best score) for the season.

Lady Barebows Caroline P’ and Kathy C’ were both at the top of the leader board for the entire day, taking it in turns to be number 1.

At the end of the day it couldn’t have been more close, but with a 5 point difference Caroline took the Gold medal and  Kathy got the silver medal position.

Castle Bowmen Juniors were in attendance and Candice L’  shot awesomely well getting an MB score and taking silver in her Category. Ryan P’ also shot extremely well for the recurves and was 1st in his age category for the round.


Below is a photo of the worthy competitors

June 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Rachel T’ has gained her Junior Bowman Classification

Geoffrey C’ and Karl C’ both gain their 1st Class Barebow Classifications

Luke Y’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

Rhian H’ gains her 3rd Class AND 2nd Class Outdoor Classification in the same month

Zavia I’ and Paul Ll’ both gain their 3rd Class Classifications

Lucy G’ and Ken M’ gain their Archer Classifications

Geoffrey C’, Caroline P’, Candice L’ and Rhian H’ improve their H/C score

SUMMER POSTAL LEAGUE - June teams  (results as we get them)

Team A  (Mike Wo’, Rick S’ & Alan H’)   vs     Windsor Forest A    tbc

Team B  (Shaun T’, Caz P’ & Ryan P’)   1348  v’s     Leaves Green  1255   … A WIN !!

Team C  (Peter W’, Wendy W’ & Dave M’)   v’s   Wilford  tbc

Team D  (Andrew P’, Karl C’ & Ken M’)  999  v’s   Guildford  391   … A WIN !!

Team E  (Ashley B’,Mike Wi’ &  Rhian H’)

LONGBOW  team  A (Alan G’ & Andrew P’)  357  v’s    Buxton & Leek College AC 330 A WIN !!

LONGBOW  team  B (Paul Ll’  & Mike Wi’ )    v’s   BYE   … A WIN !!

LONGBOW  team  C (Wendy W’ & Stuart H’)

JUNIOR TEAM  (Sarah I’, Rachel T’ & Geoffrey C’)  v’s   Selby Jnrs … 2nd place

Castle Bowmen’s Annual Mid-Summer WA900 ‘Doug Woodley’ Tournament was shot under glorious sunshine this year, with maybe a few clouds and wind …and only a  little rain.

A record number of Castle Bowmen archers competed this year and they all did extremely well, with many close fought battles in most categories.

Michelle W’ (Lady Paramount for the day) and Caroline P’ claimed new Glamorgan County Records as well as both picking up Golds for Recurve and Barebow respectively.

Alan G’ for the Longbows also claimed a County record and won the Silver Medal with Mike Wi’ taking Bronze.

It was a clean sweep for Castle Bowmen in the Gent Barebow category with Andrew P’ taking Gold, Peter W’ taking Silver and Dave M’ getting the Bronze.

Silver medals were also awarded to Wendy W’ for Recurve and Kathy C’ for the Lady Barebows.

Our Juniors did very too with both Rachel T’ and Sarah I’ both taking Gold in their age groups.

Below are a few pictures from the day

Well done to Candice L’ for winning Gold in her category at the Neath Open Tournament, and also breaking a Glamorgan county record.

BREAKING NEWS  …….. Winter Postal League Results have been received from the central UK organisers……… 3 out of 4 of our Senior teams have won their divisions……….more details will be released after a suitably dramatic pause to build up tension…

Archery GB has announced it has completed it’s 18 month review of the Classification and Handicap system. They haven’t announced specific details but aim to publish it at the end of the summer season, presumably for it to come into force for next year’s outdoor shooting. They say that some classification scores will be changing, and potentially going up, because of the review. They will then move on to reviewing  Indoor scoring, which finally will include Barebow and Longbow Classifications.

May 2017

Improvers for the month… :-

Candice L’ gains her outdoor Bowman Classification for Recurve

Isobel B’ and Dave H’ gain their 2nd Class outdoor Classifications

Luke Y’ gains his 3rd Class Classification

Ryan P’, Stuart H’, Michelle W’, Luke Y’, Geoffrey C’, Candice L’, Karl C’, Dave Harper and Terry C’ improve their H/C scores



Team A  (Mike Wo’, Alan H’ & Michelle W’) 1564  vs  Leek Archers 1586   2nd place

Team B  (Steve C’, Kathy C’ & Terry C’) 1340 v’s  Royston Heath 1253   … A WIN !!!

Team C  (Peter W’, Alan G’ & Andrew P’) 1209  v’s  Perriswood  242  … A WIN !!

Team D  (Dave M’, Ian M’ & Stuart H’) 961  v’s  Winnington Park 1073 2nd place

Team E  (Karl C’, Christian B’ & Mike Wi’)

Team F  (Rhian H’)

LONGBOW  team  A (Andrew P’ & Paul N’) 380  v’s   Leek  375 A WIN !!

LONGBOW  team  B (Alan G’ & Paul Ll’)  274   v’s   Dunstable 266  … A WIN !!!

LONGBOW  team  C (Mike Wi’ & Wendy W’)

JUNIOR TEAM  (Rachel T’, Geoffrey C’ & Jack E’)  v’s  Bromley  …tba

A small group of extremely brave Castle Bowmen archers attended the Annual WAA WRS WA70m + H2H and WA1440 Tournament weekend, and despite some challenges posed by the weather, and other random elements, came away with some very good results.

Castle Bowmen Juniors did us proud once again with Sarah I’ picking up the Gold in the Ladies WA1440 event and Ryan P’ claiming the Silver in his Head to Head category.

The Welsh Archery Rankings have been updated for the 2017 outdoor season so far, and as of this month the top 3 Lady Barebow archers in the whole of Wales are ALL from Castle Bowmen.

Well done to Kathy C’, Sarah I’ and Rachel T’.

>> click here to view the full list <<

The 4th Annual Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics  Tournament was a great success, gaining praise from judges and archers alike. In no small part adding to the day was the excellent sunny weather throughout the whole event and the ultra-efficiency of the Castle Bowmen working party in the running and organising of the day.

The May Metrics tournament is the only one in Wales held annually which is exclusively for Junior archers to shoot a 12 dozen round. This year nearly 2 dozen of Wales’ finest young archers, from nearly 3 counties, travelled to Cardiff to compete.

Castle Bowmen Juniors were out in force and performed flawlessly.

Ryan P’, Luke Y’, Sarah I’, Geoffrey C’ and Candice L’ ALL shot Seasons and Personal Best’s and all took 1st place in their respective categories and ALL broke the club records for their rounds too.

Candice, shooting in her first tournament also claimed a new Glamorgan County record.

Geoffrey, also shooting in his first tournament, also claimed not only the County record for his category but also broke the existing Welsh record.

To view these achievements plus all of of Castle Bowmen’s Hall of Fame click here for the >> Champions Page <<

Well done to all the archers and thanks to Val for acting as Lady Paramount for the day.

April 2017

Improvers for the month….  :-

Serge L’ gains his 1st Class AND Bowman Classification for Compound Unlimited

Zoltan V’ & Andrew P’ gain their 1st Class Outdoor Classifications

Issac P’ gains his 2nd Class Outdoor Classification

Karl C’ gains his 3rd Class AND 2nd Class Classifications

Serge L’, Michelle W’, Seb J’, Zoltan V’, Sarah I’ and Alan G’ all improve their outdoor H/C scores

Candice L’ gains her Indoor ‘D’ Classification

The full seasons fixtures for the Summer Postal League has been confirmed, and the details of our opponents and tournament dates  appears on the >> Calendar Page << .

Once again we have four official teams entered, so there’s lots of room to make it into one, with the chance of winning a badge at the end of the summer (assuming we win the division of course).

Through popular demand and our ever expanding ranks of highly skilled and keen eyed Longbowers we have also added a 2nd Official Longbow team.

The Annual Castle Bowmen Easter Shoot took place as always on Easter Sunday.

As an added bonus for all the competitors they experienced all the sorts of weather you can think of during the day.

It was hot, warm and cold, Perfectly calm and quite windy with varying amounts of rain from none at all to quite a lot.

But despite the challenges everyone had a good time and enjoyed the shooting and all the chocolate prizes too.

Castle Bowmen Juniors did very well with Sarah I’ & Rachel T’ both taking 1st place in their categories.

Wendy W’ and Kathy C’, both acting as Lady Paramounts for the day, also took 1st place prizes for the Recurve and Barebows respectively.

Also taking 1st place was Alan G’ for the Longbows (taking a chocolate colour prize too) and Andrew P’ for the Barebows, with Zoltan winning 2nd place in that category and Mike Wo’ winning 2nd place for the Recurves and Serge L’ getting 2nd for the Compounds.

The always Excellent hard work from all the Castle Bowmen members who helped set up and take down the field before and after the event ensured the day ran smoothly and was a successful and enjoyable event for all the visiting archers competing.

Exciting news from the Winter Postal League organisers is slowly reaching us…but The Guardian of the League Kathy isn’t divulging any information about Final Team positions until all the standings are confirmed.

This is what we do know though :-

In Team A’s Division - Mike Wo’ was the highest scoring Gent for November, December & January for the whole division.

In Team B’s Division - Michelle W’ was the highest scoring Lady for November and Caz P’  the highest scoring Lady for December & January.

In Team C’s Division - In December Wendy W’ was the highest scoring Lady in that Division

In Team D’s Division - In November Kathy C’ was the highest scoring Lady in the whole Division and Seb J’ the highest scoring Gent.


MARCH 2017   

Improvers for the month :-

Serge L’ gains his indoor ‘D’ AND ‘C’ Compound Classifications

Chris T’, Issac P’ and Candice L’  all gain their Indoor ‘E’ Classifications

Karl C', Geoffrey C’, John J’, Zavia I’, Christian B’, Chris T’ and Rhian H’ all gain their Indoor ‘F’ Classifications

Karl C’, Rachel T’, Sarah D’, Christian B’, Candice L’, Serge L’, Rhian H’, Geoffrey C’, Chris T’, Stuart H’, John J’ and Dave M’ all improve their Indoor H/C scores

Lee P’ gains his 1st Class Outdoor Barebow Classification

Andrew P’, Sam R’ and Lee P’  gain their 2nd Class Outdoor Classifications  - (The first Outdoor Classification improvements of the year)

Andrew P’ gains his Outdoor 3rd Class Classification

Caz P, Rachel T’, Lee P’, Sarah I’, Sam R’ & Edith M’ all improve their Outdoor H/C scores


Team A (Mike Wo’, Andrew P’ & Rick S’) - 903  v’s  Pinner Bowmen  - 875 …A WIN !!!

Team B (Alan H’, Peter W’ & Alan G’) -  826 v’s  Newhaven Archery Club  - 776 …A WIN !!!

Team C (Ryan P’, Terry C’ & Caz P’) 762 - v’s  South Bucks Archers   - 658 …A WIN !!!

Team D (Steve C’, Shaun T’ & Wendy W’ ) 615 - v’s  Newhaven Archery Club 597 …A WIN !!!

Team E (Griselda C’, Lee P’ & Karl C’)

Junior team (Sarah I’, Geoffrey C’ & Rachel T’) - 558  vs Hinxworth Archery Club Jnrs - 512 …A WIN !!!

This was the last Winter Postal League shoot for this season. Well done to all that shot and especially if you made a team or two. We had some excellent results, the final reckoning will be made known by the central UK organisers before long, and hopefully, maybe, possibly some shiny winners badges might be coming our way, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well done to all the Juniors too for their dedication to the Postal league and extra congratulations to Ryan P’ for this month making it into the Senior teams with an awesome score.

Winter Frostbite Postal League -  what we know so far :-

Team A - 4 out of 5 wins   - 1 result pending

Team B - 4 wins out of 5

Team C - 5 out of 5 wins

Team D - 4 wins out of 5

Junior Team - 3 wins out of 5 - 1 result pending

REMEMBER: The last date we are shooting indoors at St Davids is Sunday 26th March. The last date we are shooting indoors at Llandaff is Wednesday 29th March. Then it’s outdoors all the way til the end of September no matter what the weather.

FEBRUARY  2017   

Improvers for the month… :-

Wendy W’, Caroline P’  and Andrew P’ all gain their  Indoor ‘D’ Classifications

Dave M’ gains his Indoor ‘E’ Classification

Ashley B’ gains his ‘F’ Indoor Classification

Isobel B’, Christian B’ and Ken M’ all gain their Indoor ‘G’ Classifications

Ian M’, John J’, Zavia I’, Wendy W’, Kathy C’, Caroline P’,  Ryan P’, Michelle W’, Lee P’, David J’, Issac P’, Sam R’  and Andrew P’ all improve their indoor H/C scores

Sam R’ and Lee P’  improve their Outdoor H/C scores


-Team A (Mike Wo’, Rick S’ & Steve C’) -  v's   RN South Coast Archers - tba

- Team B (Peter W’, Caz P’ &  Terry C’) - 803   v's   White Rose Archers - 749  …A WIN !!!

- Team C (Wendy W’, Alan H’ & Andrew P’) - 755 v's   Sutton Coldfield Archery Club - 712 …A WIN !!!

- Team D (Griselda C’, Alan G’ & Dave J’)  - 683  v's   Kirby Muxloe Archery Club - 660 …A WIN !!!

- Team E (Stuart H’ & Dave M’))

- Junior Team  - 527  vs Supermarine Bowmen Jnrs - 249 …A WIN !!!

Check out the Castle Bowmen Wall of inspirational Awesomeness (photo’s) >> HERE << .

If you have a particularly inspiring archery picture and quote let us have it to help inspire everyone else.

(Photos and quotes must be your own)

CASTLE BOWMEN (Club of Many Champions) at the County Championships

Castle Bowmen once again had the privilege to host the prestigious Glamorgan County Indoor Championships.

Archers from many clubs across the South of Wales travelled to Cardiff to compete in one of the most anticipated events of the archery calendar, and they were not disappointed.

The tournament ran superbly smoothly, from the excellent catering of Steve C’ and his culinary team, to the highly trained and experienced working party who collected scores, ran the leaderboard and packed everything away seamlessly before the medals ceremony.

The tournament was highly competitive but living up to its name of Club of Champions Castle Bowmen Archers came away with many shiny medals.

Kathy C’ is now the Lady Barebow Glamorgan Indoor County Champion (to add to her Current Outdoor title)after sweeping away all opposition in her path and taking the Gold and Trophy. Caz’ P’ shot extremely well too and took home the Silver medal for Lady Barebows, continuing the tradition of Lady Barebow awesomeness in the club.

Peter W’ for the Gent Barebows shot well in a highly competitive category against some of the best in Wales, and won a highly deserved Silver medal, ensuring Castle took home over half the available barebow medals on offer.

Michelle W’, competing in her first indoor tournament since switching to Recurve, shot superbly well and took the Silver medal  on top of her duties of Lady Paramount for the tournament as well.

Mike Wo’ had a close fought shoot, with the Gent Recurve top scores being extremely close, and just missed out on top spot but came away with another Silver medal for the club.


In the team event it was no surprise that the ever magnificent Castle Bowmen Barebows, comprising of Kathy C’, Caz P’ & Peter W’ won the Gold with ease, scoring over twice as much as their 2nd placed opponents.

Compliments for the professional but enjoyable way we ran the shoot were received from the competitors and judges alike, plus praise for the excellent new stands made by Stuart H’.

“The new stands look great” -Steve (Llantarnam AC)

“Thank you for today , both as a judge and my role on the exec committee of GAA I felt It was an excellent run tournament, and your working party worked effortlessly, smoothly with no snags” -Judith (ArcheryGB Judge).
“Well done for today, We really enjoyed it” - Stuart (Blandy Jenkins Archers)

Below is a picture of the Awesome Castle Bowmen medal Winners.

JANUARY  2017   

Improvers for the month…:-

Caroline P’, Michelle W’, Steve C’, Wendy W’ and Andrew P’ all improve their indoor H/C scores


-Team A (Mike Wo’, Alan H’ & Terry C’) - 918  v's  Eccles Archery Club - 881 …A WIN !!!

- Team B (Peter W’, Rick S’ & Caz P’) - 821  v's  Bowmen of Harrow  795 …A WIN !!!

- Team C (Andrew P’, Steve C  & Wendy W’) 767 - v's  Pinner Bowmen 612 …A WIN !!!

- Team D (Dave J’, Mike Wi’ & Shaun T’) - v's  BYE …A WIN !!!

- Team E (Lee P’, Issac P & Alan G’)

- Team F  (Griselda C’, Seb J’ & Stuart H’)

- Team G (Rhian H’ & Zavia I’)

Junior Team A (Ryan P’, Sarah I’ & Rachel T’) vs  Audco Archers Jnrs  … tba

Junior Team B (Tomas D’, Luke Y’ & Owen C’)

Junior Team C (Geoffrey C’ & Jack E’)

After Novembers postal round results were confirmed by the organisers :-

For ‘Team A’  Mike Wo’ was the highest scoring male for that division.

For ‘Team B’ Michelle W’ was the highest scoring female for that division.

For Team D’ Seb J’ was the highest scoring male and Kathy C’ the highest scoring female for the division

2016 Club Champion   - Caroline P’

As usual the Club Champion Trophy, along with the Novice medal for those not having shot a scored round before, was announced and presented at the Clubs late Christmas Dinner near the end of January.

As always the food and surroundings of the New House Hotel venue was superb and the night was very enjoyable.

For the 3rd year running Caroline P’ won the award and title of Club Champion , David H’  came in 2nd place and Lee P’  3rd.  The novice award medal was won by Andrew P’.  (A picture of the awards and results from previous years can be seen >> HERE << )

A presentation was also made to Mike Wo’ for his magnificent achievement of gaining his Grand Master Bowmen Classification for Barebow in one year.   

Club Champion Shoot

The weather for this year’s New Year/Club Champion shoot was surprisingly free from rain.

It wasn’t what you could call warm, and last year’s mud still made an appearance, but 23 of the bravest Castle Bowmen archers came to shoot for the honour of the Club Champion title.

The challenging 40 yard  tournament went well and was enjoyed by all. As usual the Club Champion Trophy, along with the Novice medal for those not having shot a scored round before, will be announced and presented at the Clubs late Christmas Dinner near the end of January.

Up to date Club Classification and H/C Score tables can be found on the revamped >> Resources<<  page.

As 2016 is making way for the brand new shiny 2017, the past years news will soon be archived. You can always find it and previous years club news in the >> ARCHIVE << section. The link for which is also at the top of this page.

There is also an interesting but slightly incomplete history of the club on the same page for you to read too.

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Dave M’ with his medal (honestly it’s him)

The Castle Bowmen County team members (L)

The entire WINNING Glamorgan County Team (R)